Restaurant Business

The concept and theme of restaurant are Chinese. The restaurant offers its customers Chinese cuisine along with some dishes of traditional American cuisine and some dishes of different Asian cuisines but Chinese cuisine is dominant. In addition, the decoration of the restaurant is traditionally Chinese. At any rate, the owners of the restaurant attempted to create the traditional Chinese ambiance but elements of decorations are old and new that makes it unclear, whether the restaurant is changing its decorations or not and what to expect from the restaurant in the future. In actuality, the restaurant exploits the traditional Chinese cuisine and atmosphere but still the restaurant fails to stress how useful many traditional Chinese dishes are for consumers’ health.

Type of services and amenities currently offered are limited to serving dishes and delivery dishes to customers. The restaurant does not have any special offers or services being offered to its loyal customers or new customers. In such a way, the restaurant just provides its customers with its traditional services. On the other hand, managers of the restaurant pay a lot of attention to the quality of dishes served in the restaurant and it is really high.

In this regard, the observation of the dining experience has proved the high quality of dishes cooked in the restaurant PH Chinese in Providence RI. However, there was a little problem that an average customer has to wait for over thirty or even forty minutes till the dish is ready. Obviously, it is too much even for a dish of the high quality. In fact, long waiting proves the low effectiveness of the management of internal business processes. There is probably some problems in the kitchen or poor communication between waiters and the chef. Anyway, managers of the restaurant have to pay more attention to the quality of services for waiters should bring ordered dishes faster. Otherwise, customers grow nervous and dissatisfied with the quality of services, even though dishes they order are good and tasty.

The current food menu consists of appetizers, main dishes, soups, and drinks. Dishes served in the restaurant are dishes of the traditional Chinese cuisine, although there are some dishes of Japanese and European cuisine as well as American one, although Chinese dishes prevail.

The restaurant’s area demographics is potentially large but the restaurant is currently focused on local customers, of 40 and above, who prefer Chinese cuisine. Potentially, the restaurant can attract diverse customer groups, but the restaurant focuses on customers of Chinese origin as well as those customers, who enjoy Chinese cuisine. The restaurant attempts to create the traditional Chinese ambiance to make its customers to feel good. However, as the restaurant is located in downtown, it can attract much more customers. The restaurant needs to expand its target customer group and make special offers for people working in the downtown, for instance, the restaurant can offer business lunch for loyal customers working nearby.

The market analysis of the position and performance of the restaurant PH Chinese in Providence RI reveals the fact that the position of the restaurant is stable but still the restaurant has larger potential, which it fails to realize. What is meant here is the fact that the restaurant holds its niche of the market but owners of the restaurant narrows the target customer group of the restaurant to customers of forty and above, who adore Chinese cuisine and traditions. In fact, the restaurant can take a better position in the market and expand its market share on the condition of effective promotional policy and aggressive competitive policy.

At this point, it is important to dwell upon the competitive analysis. In actuality, the competition in the market is high because the restaurant is located in downtown, where the number of restaurants is high. The restaurant PH Chinese in Providence RI does not compete with fast food restaurant but more expensive restaurants push on the restaurant PH Chinese in Providence RI and their pressure is significant because they conduct more aggressive policy in relation to their rivals. In fact, the restaurant fails to maintain the competitive struggle because it fails to expand its market share. In this regard, its only advantage is its orientation on Chinese cuisine and ambiance because PH Chinese in Providence RI is the only Chinese restaurant in the area.

In such a context, it is possible to suggest several recommendations that could improve the position of the restaurant in the market. First of all, the restaurant should move online. In such a way, the restaurant can attract more customers and offer delivery services to a large number of customers. In addition, customers will be able to make orders online that is more convenient than making orders in the conventional way. In addition, moving online would enhance the competitive position of the restaurant and attracted younger customers. Second, the restaurant should develop effective management style that matches multicultural environment, where the restaurant operates. Managers should respect cultural norms and traditions of their employees and refuse from the authoritarian management style. Third, the restaurant should create more comfortable and authentic ambiance. The restaurant should make new decorations or, to put it more precisely, to complete its restyling. Third, the restaurant should decrease the high personnel turnover rate but the restaurant can reach this goal only if managers change their management style. Finally, the restaurant should conduct active promotional campaign to attract more customers and offer discount program to loyal customers. In this regard, the use of internet may be very helpful.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the restaurant PH Chinese in Providence RI holds a stable position in the market. In actuality, the restaurant performs well but it still has considerable potential, which remains unrevealed by its owners. The restaurant faces a strong competition but manages to maintain its competitive position due to the focus on Chinese cuisine, which makes it different from other restaurants in the area. However, the restaurant should implement new technologies in its business development and expand its target customer group to enhance its position in the market and to outpace its major rivals. The management style should become more liberal and democratic to create a healthy organizational culture.