Presidential Campaign: 1952 vs 2008

In addition, it is worth mentioning the fact that Eisenhower was the Republican, who put the end to 20 years of the Democrats control over the White House, while Obama was the Democrat, who put the end to the Republican presidency from 2000 to 2008. Therefore, the presidential campaigns of 1952 and 2008 put the […]


If an individual has a normal hearing now, his ability to converse with others will be affected by environmental factors including high-pitched and low-pitched sounds. It means that it is necessary to exclude such activities as listening to the radio during the conversation, or watching TV programs. Moreover, in the public places, such as restaurants, […]

Accounting Systems

Prepaid expenses Unearned revenues Accrued expenses Accrued revenues Prepaid expenses Companies can pay for certain goods and services in advance. By the end of the period, these goods or services will be used, and associated adjustment entry should increase the expense in this period, and reduce the asset for the same amount (the cost of […]

Practical Psychology – Threat Analysis

Thus, stressors had the direct impact on physiological responses of the police officer and the offender.   REFERENCES: FBI. 1992 Killed in the Line of Duty: A Study of Selected Felonious Killings of Law Enforcement Officers. Washington, D.C., U.S. Department of Justice, p. 37. Baganz, M.T. (November/December 2006) Use-of-Force and the Issue of Less Intrusive […]

Practical Psychology – Privatization of Policing

Wesson: I know about these amazing results, but public police departments have very old policies and actions for handling misbehavior of citizens, whereas private security companies do not feature this. Actually, they may attempt to hide misconduct to defend themselves. Smith: Private contractors will patrol gated communities and then the police department will have more […]

Practical Psychology in Law Enforcement

At the same time, individuals should use different coping strategies, when they are exposed to stress, as Young was. For instance, they can focus on specific tasks they have to perform at the moment. Alternatively, individuals should plan their actions step by step and they should implement their plan regardless of the impact of stressors. […]

Practical Psychology – Incident Visualization

  References: Kitaeff, J. (2011). Handbook of police psychology. City, State of publisher: Taylor & Francis. Miller, L. (2006). Practical police psychology: stress management and crisis intervention for law enforcement. City, State of publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher. Thomas, D.J. (2011). Police psychology: a new specialty and new challenges for men and women in blue. […]

Post-Sentencing Phase

The majority of released prisoners have significantly declined over the last twenty years. The offenders, who were included in the system in 1986, only served 58 percent of the time whereas the offenders, who were included in the system in 1997, served 87 percent of their sentence. The time served in prison is about 3 […]

Positive Writing in a Message Refusing Credit

In conclusion, positive writing is important in any case, because good business writing looks like a work of art, and it follows the principle that the person who writes the message right now will never have another time to make a good impression on the reader. Reference: Thill, J. V. & Bovee, C. L. (2007). […]

Positive Impact of Childhood Education on the Development of Children

Fortunately, the U.S. officials understand the importance of early education. Now most of the states of the country have developed early learning standards and they gradually implement them in life. As shows the research, performed by Scott-Little, Lesko, Martella and Milburn: “Results from the survey indicate that the trend toward developing and implementing early learning […]