Customer Loyalty

The Interviews: Loyalty and the Competition Many of my friends also are the loyal customers of bars and restaurants. I do not really like some of places they have been going to. I decided to find out why they like it. First friend whom I interviewed was y neighbor, a 35 years old man. He […]

Mohandas Gandhi Essay

Charisma was an essential attribute of Mohandas Gandhi because he had managed to unite millions of people and lead them to consistent changes in India. In fact, he made people believe him and follow his lead. As a result, his ideas spread nationwide and, later, worldwide, that made him a prominent world leader. At the […]

Responsibilities of an IT Project Manager

According to the definition adopted by UNESCO, IT – is a set of interrelated scientific, technological and engineering disciplines that study the methods of effective labor organization of people employed handling and storage of information, computer technology and methods of organization and interaction with people and production equipment, and their practical applications, as well as […]

Project Management of People and Organizations

Along with the cultural environment and organizational knowledge, organizational memory is another important factor that influences consistently the performance of organizations and their structure. In this regard, it is possible to refer to the study conducted by M. Fiedler and I. Welpe, “How Do Organizations Remember? The Influence of Organizational Structure on Organizational Memory”, where […]

Restaurant Business

The concept and theme of restaurant are Chinese. The restaurant offers its customers Chinese cuisine along with some dishes of traditional American cuisine and some dishes of different Asian cuisines but Chinese cuisine is dominant. In addition, the decoration of the restaurant is traditionally Chinese. At any rate, the owners of the restaurant attempted to […]

Professional Career Depends on Active Operations

The main objectives of the American Translators Association is to promote and support the professional development of translators and enhance the image of the profession. To achieve these goals, the Association offers many programs and services, including a series of one-day seminars and workshops throughout the year and an annual ATA conference, which are aimed […]

Principles of Accounting

In contrast, the decrease in sales may be viewed as a signal or warning concerning the possible problem in sales of company’s products or services. In practice, this means that this may be viewed as a sign of the upcoming crisis or a disturbing signal of the market indicating to the saturation of the market […]

Preventing Car Accidents

All in all, all drivers have to remember that people’s lives are in their hands. While writing this essay I have learnt many things considering the issues of the car accidents. Now I understand that the problem is huge and it has to be solved. There have to be taken appropriate measures that will help […]